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The best VS Code Theme

You ever got spending hours choosing the right wallpaper or the right font? And by the time you’ve shortlisted you favorite 10, half the day is gone. The eternal problem of stlye and theme plagues most of us.

As a software developer it’s about the color theme. After iterating through the vast pool of VS Code themes (in O(1) time of course cause I’m merticulous) so that you don’t have to, I have derived the best VS Code color theme out there.


Its Dark Modern - the default dark mode option.

I know this may not be the answer you are looking forward to, but hear me out. While shibuya-lights, cyberpunk-2077, dancing-anime-girl sound aesthetic and looks visually stunning, they simply don’t work. For me at least.

The most important lesson for me is what’s aesthetic is not what’s best. After testing a few of these themes, I deduced that the best theme was the one best suited for work. It gets the job done. I use VS Code with Dark Modern for my daily software development work. My CTO uses Dark Modern. Most of the folks at the office uses Dark Modern. It is simply easier to stick to the one that I’m already used to. Everytime I look at another colleague’s work, Ta Da, it’s Dark Modern and my eyes interpret everything almost instantly.

No adjustment time. No lag.

I find this to hold true to many stylistic scenarios in life. The best style is the one that best fits your specific use case.