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Cinematic Martian Landscape

Fired on Mars is an American adult animated sci-fi comedy tv series on HBO Max. The fact that it contains two of my favorite genres is more than a reason for me to give it a shot.


The one-liner tldr of the plot: guy gets fired as a grapher designer on the Martian colony and struggles to find his purpose in a cold corporate environment that morphs into an absolute chaostown.

It has a pretty straightforward plot. The jokes don’t hit most of the time, the main character is boring and pathetic (and does not get better throughout the series), everything is chaotic and messy.

Initially, I had a difficult time enjoying this. However, there is something truly poetic and beautiful - the cinematic views of the scenic martian landscapes, the aesthetic and modern office vibes, the accurate representations of toxic workplace culture, the intricate design of the colony (cargo drones, security robo-dogs, video conference robots, beautiiful facilities).



I really appreciate good design. In this case that was the saving grace, on top of the wild twists and concepts explored (yes that includes a low-tech self-sustainability focused cult of workers that aim to break free from control and set up a new colony).

In the midst of chaos, the design's beauty and poetic twists shine, making Fired on Mars surprisingly worth exploring.



A cinematic view of a Mars colony. The colony belongs to, the shiny corporate colony headquarters perched on the foot of a bright red Martian volcano, the scenic Mars landscape in the back. Several smaller buildings join the main unit. Industrial vibe with a sense of modern aesthetic architecture. deliver drones drive around the martian surface, while transport drones fly around

A few shots of my favorite scenes: